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Advisory Boards
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Dealing with Downturns
Desktop Technology
Develop Strategy
Effective Performance Appraisals
Engineering Technology
High Performance
High Performance Organization - Production
High Performance Series
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Innovation and Lean
IT Strategy
IT Upgrades
Lean for Engineering
Lean Principles for Precast
Lean Principles for Precast-Part II
Lean Phase I Assessments
Lean Workshop
Lean Management Services Recap
Management System
Market Share
Performance Indicators
Process Improvement
Productivity Improvement
Productivity Improvement Solutions
Project Management
Public Equity
Reduce Cost Structure
Strong Teams
Top 3 Improvement Ideas
Top Management Tools

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Your management team is consumed by daily operating issues and you require additional resources and expertise to create and implement improvements. Check Mark
Business conditions are changing, you're raising the bar but aren't sure that the business is reacting quickly enough or with the best course of action. You could benefit from an external opinion to either confirm your direction or to bring new possibilities and concepts to the management group.
Your management team is working hard at transforming, upgrading and modernizing but is unhappy with the rate of progress and is not certain that the forecasted benefits will be achieved. Help may be needed.
Your business would be more successful if you could reduce your cost structure and streamline processes.
You require assistance with a lean management implementation but prefer a firm that deeply understands precast processes.
Some confusion and frustration exists in the organization around roles and responsibilities of individuals or departments. You'd like to see more accountability and clarity around "hand-offs" between departments.
You're losing market share or you may be missing market opportunities.
You have obsolete or less than adequate information technology capabilities and require a plan to deal with the issue.
You wonder if the project and cost information available for decision-making, cost control and project management is adequate.

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