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The mission of MJS Management Services is to provide clients in the precast industry with management solutions that lead to higher performance and better results.


The precast industry is challenging and complex, supplying customized solutions often with fixed prices and high risk. The industry offers very flexible options but this means the standardization and repetition that other industries have leveraged to reduce costs and risk is not always available. Success requires tight coordination and flawless execution from multi-disciplinary teams.

The industry faces many challenges such as the need to:

  • develop strategies to deal with cyclical market conditions
  • become more competitive to combat within industry competitors and alternate building systems
  • enter new markets to expand or protect market share
  • introduce innovation
  • develop value added offerings to avoid commodity positions and related margin pressures
  • attract, retain and develop a new generation of managers and executives
  • effectively use technology
  • meet capital demands
  • manage risk.

To tackle these challenges the industry continues to adopt current management practices and processes, upgrade personnel and modernize.

The precast industry is progressive and looking for solutions but many of the management concepts that have succeeded in other industries need to be adapted to work in precast. Precast management teams rightly have a concern about investing time and money in management initiatives that do not provide bottom-line performance.

MJS Management Services focuses exclusively on solutions for the precast industry. We are a source of innovative ideas and methods tailored to the needs of precast management teams. We speak the language of the industry and provide practical, action-oriented techniques that quickly produce results.

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